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Mud Stickers Lot 6 Rolls 600 Stickers Sweat Tears Get Dirty Eat Splatter Heart

  • $ 249

Oriental Trading

Mud Themed Stickers

Lot of 6 Rolls

Each roll is factory sealed in plastic

Each Roll contains 100 Mud Themed Stickers

600 stickers total

Some of the Stickers:

  • Round Mud splatter sticker with the word "MUD" in the center
  • Round Mud heart sticker with the word "MUD"
  • Round Mud splatter sticker with the phrase " Mud Sweat & Tears"
  • Square Sticker that says "Eat Mud"
  • Oval Sticker with a muddy footprint that says "Get Dirty"
  • Rectangular Sticker that says "MUD"

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