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Kakuro the Board Game Sudoku Crossword Puzzle Family Markers Timer 4 Levels Play

  • $ 199


The Board Game
The Original 1 to 4 Player Versions
4 Levels of Play
Ages 10 & Up

The multiplayer Kakuro Board Game is based on the new puzzle craze! This game adds a challenging twist to the world-popular Sudoku.

Kakuro plays like a crossword puzzle with across and down clue squares. These clue squares contain numbers. Fill in the empty squares with the numbers 1 through 9 so that they add up to the clue square numbers. Score points for all the correct numbers you place.

Features 100 Kakuro puzzles in 4 different difficulty levels. Use the wipe-off cover sheet to place a number on your turn. Change your mind? Simply wipe it off and try again!


  • 50 puzzle sheets with 100 puzzles
  • Game board with wipe off sheet
  • 4 wipe-off markers
  • Erase cloth
  • Sand timer
  • Instructions
  • Solution booklet

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