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Legend Guardians Owls GaHoole Circles Strength Board Game Fantasy Movie Family

  • $ 199

Legend of the Guardians
The Owls of Ga'Hoole
Circles of Strength Game
Good or evil: who will control the great tree?
Based on the drama/fantasy movie!

For 2 Players
Ages 8 & up

It's good vs. evil in this exciting game themed from the fantasy family adventure film Legend of the Guardians. The brave young Barn Owl faces off against the evil Sooty Owl. On every turn players try to control as many spaces on the game board as they can by surrounding their opponent and flipping the disks to their own owl. After all 36 disks have been played, the battle is done and the player who has the most owls face up wins.


  • Game Board
  • 36 disks
  • Rules

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