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Bumuntu Game Wizkids Animals African Jungle Tribal Leader Tim Blank Family Gift

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Bumuntu Game

Designed by Tim Blank

Let the animals guide you.

A common them in African folklore is that animals are wise creatures who teach humans to do good and moral things.

Based on the Bakongo culture of central Africa, you are a tribal leader seeking to befriend the animals.

Journey through the jungle and follow the animals' guidance, each one moving you in a different pattern.

As you travel, you will collect their tiles and earn their favor.

But be warned: as fewer tiles are left in the jungle, you must be more strategic in how you move.

Be the tribal leader with the most favor and the animals will help bring your tribe to prosperity.


  • 1 Jungle Board
  • 80 Animal Tiles
  • 5 Tribal Leader Pawns
  • 1 Animal Favor Board
  • 10 Animal Favor Markers
  • 32 Food Chips
  • 5 Player Shields
  • 5 Player Discs

2-5 players

Ages 10+

30 Minute Game Play

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