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Athletech Mens Gray Black Ski Gloves 3M Thinsulate Insulation Waterproof Hiking

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3M Thinsulate Insulation
Gray & Black Ski Gloves
Mens Size: S/M (Small/Medium), M/L (Medium/Large), L/XL (Large/Extra Large)


3M Thinsulate Insulation - Premium Insulation for Gloves
Thinsulate insulation is soft and compressible. This makes it flexible enough even for accessories like hats and gloves‚ which are difficult to insulate effectively without restricting movement or compromising fit. This makes Thinsulate insulation great for providing warmth in your gloves‚ hats and other accessories for skiing‚ snowboarding‚ hunting‚ hiking snowmobiling and other active fall and winter sports. It also comes in different gram weights to provide the right warmth for your activity.

These gloves are rated at 40 grams - for high activity levels or cool conditions

Hand Measurement - distance around hand
(Take a string and wrap it around hand, above the thumb, not including the thumb, then lay string flat, measure - compare to list below for size)
  • Small/Medium - 7" to 7 3/4" (18-19.5 cm)
  • Medium/Large - 7 3/4" - 8 3/4" (19.5-20.5 cm)
  • Large/Extra Large - 8 3/4" to 9 1/2" (20.5-24 cm)

This size is an approximate guidelines.

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