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Coffee FUN Box

Look at the coffee goodness at FUNsational Finds 

Have you had your coffee "Fix" for the day?

You should order a Coffee FUN Box to start your day off right!

Have you had your coffee yet today? FUNsational Finds

Our coffee fun box lets you experiment and discover your new favorite coffee flavor without the risk.

You can buy just 1 box - but you can SAVE $$$ by subscribing and having coffee shipped to you every month! 

Coffee Fun Boxes make perfect gifts for those coffee drinkers you know.

How does it work?

1) Choose from our variety of Monthly K-cup subscriptions. Get the right size for you!

2) We put your assortment together and ship it out quick. We know you need your kick of caffeine. Your assortment could include light, medium or dark roasts, along with some specialty blends or flavors like Cafe Mocha. Every month, the flavors or brands you receive will vary, but you will always receive an exciting mix.

3) Open your Coffee FUN Box and start enjoying the flavorful coffee!

What if I want to modify my subscription, change the date it ships, or even skip a month?

No problem! It's easy to edit, change, or even cancel your subscription. Just setup an account HERE and you can login to manage your subscription.

If you love your coffee K-cups and find one of your new favorites -

Tell you friends and family on social media by tweeting, sharing, snapping, or forwarding a message. Make sure you mention or so they can find us.

The Coffees in the Fun Boxes are packaged in the popular K-Cup® compatible format and will work in most Keurig® K-Cup® Brewing Systems as well as K-Cup® compatible Brewing Systems made by other manufacturers.

Not for Vue® or Keurig® 2.0 Brewing Systems

Look at the coffee goodness at FUNsational Finds



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