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Angry Birds Rio Jewel Macaw Plush Bird Sounds Blue Gray Commonwealth Toy Stuffed

  • $ 1495

Commonwealth Toys
Angry Birds Rio Movie
Jewel - Light Blue, Gray, Pink

Blue Macaw Bird

  • Measures approximately 10" across (wing to wing) & 6" tall (to top of head feather)
  • The main body is about 4 1/2" across and 5" tall
  • Bird sounds from the game play when you press his head

Jewel has long eyelashes and is soft and plush. She's one sassy chick with an attitude and has the opposite personality in most ways of her mate, Blu. She loves to fly and cherishes her freedom, and would never look into a cage, let alone fly into one. When she finds herself stuck with a domesticated "pet," she learns that being grounded may not be so bad after all. 

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