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Angry Birds Wind Chimes Lot of 3 Red Yellow Green Crystal TNT Lock Garden Decor

  • $ 999


Angry Birds

Lot of 3 Wind Chimes


Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Green Pig

Each wind chime has:
  • 3" diameter head
  • TNT box below their head
  • 4 chimes
  • Lock at bottom
  • From top hanger to bottom of lock is 16"

Red Bird Wind Chime

  • Red Bird is also known as Red and is a cardinal.
  • He is the leader of the flock.
  • Wind Chime has red crystal

Yellow Bird Wind Chime

  • Also known as Chuck or Speedy Bird
  • Wind Chime has yellow crystal

Green Pig Wind Chime

  • Green Pig is also known as Pig or Minion Pig
  • Wind Chime has green crystal

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