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DC Comics Supermans Girl Friend Lois Lane No 118 Edge Of Darkness January 1972

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DC Comics
Superman's Girl Friend
Lois Lane
Comic Book
No. 118
January 1972
Edge of Darkness

The real Morgan Edge escapes his imprisonment within the Galaxy Communications building, and the Morgan Edge clone recalls how Simyan and Mokkari created him at Darkseid's behest from cells taken from the real  Edge, so that he could be their pawn. The Edge clone tricks Superman and Lois Lane into thinking that the real Edge has gone insane, capturing him, and turning him over to a phony "psychiatrist" in his employ. But the real Edge escapes again, and the clone realizes he must be found before Darkseid learns of his blunder.

Comic is in plastic sleeve with board

Please see photos for condition of comic:
Folds on cover
Small tears last few pages and back cover
No writing
Binding is tight, no loose pages

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