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Defect Prevention Vol 17 Simple Statistical Tools Victor Kane 1989 HC Histograms

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Defect Prevention
Use of Simple Statistical Tools
Volume 17
Victor E. Kane
Ford Motor Company
Livonia, Michigan

Marcel Dekker, Inc.
ASQC Quality Press

Copyright 1989

Table of Contents:
  1. Defect Prevention Concepts
  2. Process Definition and Measurement
  3. Control Charts
  4. Control Chart Sampling Concepts and Applications
  5. Histograms
  6. Interpretation of Control Charts
  7. Process Capability
  8. Check Sheets
  9. Pareto Diagrams
  10. Stratification and Graphs
  11. Comparison Methods
  12. Scatter Plots
  13. Cause-and-Effect Diagrams and Problem Solving
  14. Building a Defect Prevention System
There is a name on inside front cover.

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