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Flexi Crystal BRAINTEASER Bundled with On The Dot

  • $ 2899

Bundle Includes: Flexi Crystal, On The Dot.

These are great Brainteaser games to play alone or with others.

FLEXI CRYSTAL - The Bendy, Stretchy Brainteaser you can't put down. 80 Puzzles, 4 Difficulties. Flex your mind with the Crystal Flexi Puzzle. 12 Translucent connected cubes can be bent in every direction. But which is the right way? Ages 8+, 1 Player.

ON THE DOT - The Super Spotted Brain Teaser! See spots like never before! In this amazing brain teaser, try to arrange four transparent squares so they perfectly line up to match the dots shown on the pattern card. Flip, rotate, and overlap the squares to make a "spot on" copy. The challenge is to figure out how they all fit together. Over 60 different puzzles for hours of brain boosting fun. Ages 10+, 1-4 players.

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