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Imagination Gaming Ruckus Original Game Takes and Double-Takes Cards Family Gift

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Imagination Gaming

Ruckus Game

  • For the whole family: acquiring sets may be easy; holding on to them is the hard Part. Ruckus is a fun family game recommended for ages 5 and up and for 2 to 5 players.
  • Objective: this card game create a Ruckus as players compete to pick matching cards in order to form a set and aim to hold onto them while everyone is stealing cards as fast as they can.
  • Playing the game: simply place a matching card from your hand to the top of another Player’s set, then slide it across the table and it’s now yours. First player to 77 points wins the game!
  • Perfect gift: whether it’s for Christmas, a housewarming party, or just to visit the new neighbors this family fun card game will have them roaring! they’ll want to give one to their friends!
  • Contents: the Ruckus original edition includes 72 Ruckus playing cards, a durable card tray, and easy to follow rules so that the whole family can learn how to play no matter the age!

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