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Lof of 3 Irish Blessings Myths Legends Celtic Astrology Mini Books St Patricks

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Set of 3 Irish Mini Books

Irish Blessings, Irish Myths & Legends, & Celtic Astrology

Each Mini Book measures 3 1/4" tall x 2 3/4" wide x 5/8" thick

Irish Blessings Mini Book:

The warmth and hospitality of the Irish people are legendary the world over. Now, with this tiny treasury of traditional blessings and classic verse, you can bring the spirit of the Land of Welcomes with you wherever you go.

Gloriously illustrated with full color photographs of the Emerald Isle, this collection is a perfect companion for inspirational farewells, friendly toasts, or anytime you need a little luck o' the Irish!

Irish Myths & Legends Mini Book:

By Lady Gregory

Forward by William Butler Yeats

This pocket sampler of Irish mythology brings to life the epic stories and sagas of the ancient Celts. Faithfully abridged from the literary classic Gods and Fighting Men, these tales - including the legendary adventures of Finn MacCumhal and his warrior tribe the Fianna - have inspired generations of Irish writers and continue to excite the imagination.

Celtic Astrology Mini Book:

Explore The Thirteen Tree Months of the Celtic Astrological calendar to decode your personality. Each signature tree: key traits, a color and gemstone: and a fresh, revealing assessment of those who fall under the sign. Learn how to live by the movement of the moon and constellations, and open up a world of ancient enlightenment.

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