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Boy Scout 2010 National Jamboree Light Up Lot 5 Laser Crystal Keychain Flashes

  • $ 729

Brand New
Boy Scout
2010 National Jamboree Crystal Keychain
Lot of 5

Crystal measures 1 3/16” long x 3/4” wide x 9/16” thick

Length of complete keychain is 4 3/4”

Pressing the on button causes the crystal to light up with various colors that change through red, blue, yellow and green (and maybe others!) and flashes.

When it is lit up, the BSA jamboree logo that is laser etched is more clearly displayed.

The logo can also be seen by holding the crystal up to the light. The metal is a silver color. 
Each Keychain comes in a gift box and 2 sets of batteries are included, one installed in the keychain from the factory and an extra set in the box. The batteries are easily replaceable by unscrewing the top portion of the keychain.

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