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Chocolate Smart Game Question Answer Cards Lot 6 Easy Fun Craving Tips Family

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Chocolate Smarts
Lot of 6

Brand new, factory sealed in plastic

Cultivate your craving
The Question & Answer Cards
That make learning about chocolate easy and fun

  • 60 Chocolate Smarts question and answer cards
  • 16 pages chocolate tips guide
  • Score pad

Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac?
Who made the first chocolate bar?
What's the best way to melt chocolate?

From cocoa bean to chocolate box, ChocolateSmarts offers everything you ever wanted to know about this delightful treat ad then some. This assorted box of question and answer cards covers the history, culture, cooking and consumption of the world's favorite confection. so go ahead, indulge by yourself or play with a group. It's pure chocolate fun.

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