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Parker Brothers ConstructO Straws Connectors 1974 Vintage Building Toy Model 118

  • $ 149

Parker Brothers
Construct-O Straws

You can make all sorts of things with CONSTRUCT O-STRAWS.
Planes, bridges, swings that swing, igloos, cars that roll, and things that are just...things.

You can do it with STRAWS...straws you can bend, straws you can and yellow straws. And CONNECTORS which hold the straws together, in a straight line or around a  corner. There are STIFFENERS to make the straws really strong and WHEELS to make things roll. so Create...or just make things. 

Set contains approximately, as shown in photos:
Plastic Straws
Plastic Connectors
Wooden Stiffeners
Plastic Wheels

Ages 6-12

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