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Pepper Jelly Mini Chef's Trio Pack - Holy Habanero Jelly, Ginger Garlic Jelly, Thai Mandarin Jelly

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  • Bundle Includes: 3 oz Holy Habanero Jelly, 3 oz Ginger Garlic Jelly, 3 oz Thai Mandarin Jelly.
  • This is a great gift for yourself or close friends or family. If they love pepper jellies, this is the gift for them.
  • HOLY HABANERO: Medium Heat. Habanero is renowned for its smooth but fiery flavor. This jelly is one of the BBQ favorites. Use on ribs, chicken, pork, or fish. Try in your chili or on a grilled steak.
  • GINGER GARLIC: Medium Heat. This savory jelly is often used on glazed asparagus. Spice up your stir fry or Thai dishes. Try a devilish eggs recipe or mix with teriyaki sauce and marinate chicken or salmon. Brush on winter squash and bake.
  • THAI MANDARIN: Medium Heat. Great vinaigrette or marinade when mixed with olive oil. Make orange chicken.
  • Farm to Jar Pepper Jelly. Made in Portland, Oregon.

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