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Rise of the Spyres The Beginning Susan Dean 2010 PB Science Fiction Suspense

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The Beginning
Rise of the Spyres
By Susan Dean

Published by Publish America in 2010
212 pages

Years ago, there were two warring races, the Telkins and the Spyres. They were unknown to humans. both had powers. The evil Telkins cast spells on humans and turned them into slaves. The Spyres fought the Telkins. Shilo's family moved into a house in Virginia, located below the peak of a mountain. Shilo and her twin brother, Danko grew up happily with thier parents and Uncle Telius. As the twins get older, they notice peculiar activities by their parents and uncle. Uncle Telius takes custody of the twins, after their parents tragedy. When Shilo falls in love with Trax, Telius begins acting strange. He becomes overprotective and suspicious. He tells Shilo about the past. Trax witnessed the murder and he wants to avenge his father's death. She can't believe what she is hearing, but she knows she has to face the reality and fulfill her duty as a Spyre.

Science Fiction

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