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The Longest Rescue Life Legacy Vietnam POW William Robinson Glenn Robins 2013 HC

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The Longest Rescue
The Life and Legacy of Vietnam POW William A. Robinson
by Glenn Robins
Forward by Colonel Bud Day

Hardcover - 259 pages
The University Press of Kentucky

"This fine book tells the story of William Robinson's heroic life before, during, and after his captivity experience in North Vietnam. It talks about real people working together to survive perhaps the longest and most severe POW experience since the Civil War. It is a very personal kind of story, one that touches the emotions deeply, and I hope that readers will find it fascinating, especially in the horrific details of Robinson's captivity, his family difficulties, and his basic and genuine goodness of character."
--- Robert C. Doyle, author of The Enemy in Our Hands: American Treatment of Enemy POWs from the Revolution to the War on Terror

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