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Set Heart Art Mini Kit Book Silicone Band Bracelets Stencils Stamp Love Red Pink

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Running Press
Heart Art Mega Mini Kit
Heart to Heart Mini Book

Silicone Rubber Band Bracelets
Set of 3

Heart Art
Mega Mini Kits
Paper, Stencils, Stamp & more!

Spread the Love!
With an array of colorful and patterned papers, three stencils, heart ink pad and stamp, and more, Heart Art includes everything you need to create  your own holiday decorations and extra special valentines for the ones you love. Also includes a full-color sticker sheet, scissors, and a 48 page book with easy step-by-step instructions to create lovely origami and kirigami heart designs.

Heart to Heart Mini Book
Journey to the hear of what matters between two people - love. Across coordinates near or far, it's that love that leads us to express the secrets of our hear. Do by dot, we connect and endearing, expressions form, just like those in Heart to Heart. Pass on this precious gift and link to the one you love like never before.

Book is 2 3/4" wide x 3 1/4" tall

Happy Valentine's Day
Silicone Rubber Band Bracelet

Red - White - Pink
Made of various shapes and sizes

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