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Vintage Hanson Viking Scale 895 Chicago USA 50 LB Capacity Original Box Antique

  • $ 3599

Hanson Viking Scale
Model 895
50 Pound Capacity
In Original Box

Box has writing on it

Hanson Scale Co.
Chicago, Illinois
Made in USA

Total Length (top hook to bottom hook) is 10 1/4"
Scale body is approximately 6 3/4"

  • The case of this balance is made of two tubular steel telescoping members, finished in durable enamel.
  • The load head is doubly reinforced and electrically welded to the outer member. Tempered steel is used for the spring which is heat-treated and tested for accuracy.
  • The dial is recessed for protection and has figures and graduations deeply etched. An adjusting screw at the bottom of the scale allows the indicator to be set at zero to balance a container. A red indicator makes recorded weights easily read.
Not sure if the scale is still accurate or not. You can pull on the hook and see the weight increase.



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