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X10 Appliance Module AM486 3 Pin Grounded Home Automation 15A Lamp TV New in Box

  • $ 2999


3 Pin Grounded Appliance Module


New in Box

For controlling an air conditioner, TV, stereo, etc anywhere in the home.

Rated 15A for heaters, coffee pots, etc; 1/3 HP for motors; 400W for TVs; 500W for lamps

The X10 and X10 Pro product lines are the original home automation source for end-users, installers, contractors and the do-it-yourself market.

X10 began manufacturing home automation components in the late 1970's and has been the de facto standard since its inception.

Other products have come and gone, but X10 and X10 Pro have stood the test of time.

Reliability and ease of use are the primary reasons these product lines have been going strong for over 40 years.

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