How to Gear Up for Back to School

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Get all the gear you need for back to school, whether you are a child, teen, young adult or older. You won’t be unprepared this year!

Hold everything from books and a smartphone to today’s lunch in a cool backpack. A new one starts the year off right. The Minnie Mouse backpack in red, white, and black is a hit with the girls while the Eastsport US Air Force one has a sporty look your boy wants to show off to his friends. They both have zipper compartments for easy use. 

For older students, it’s important to look great in the classroom. Get a new leather belt or a purse from the modern Donna Sharp collection to liven up the wardrobe, such as the Monterey Elaina style. This particular bag is stylish and functional, with adjustable straps as well as tons of zippered and slip pockets to keep your essentials secure on the go. 

If you’re living in a college dorm, you’ll want all of the products that make everyday life easier. Make your dorm more of a useful living space by getting convenient cutting board and kitchen knife sets so you can make your meals there. Save money by eating in the dorm rather than out on the town.

Get everything you need for back to school and at great prices with FUNsational Finds!

It’s HOT Outside! Keep Your Lunch Cool!

The hot weather is here, and there’s nothing worse than opening up your lunch box only to find the food inside is wilted and sweaty, not to mention unsafe due to the warm temperatures.

To easily avoid this disappointment and keep your food fresh, invest in a new lunch box cooler set. We have several quality, attractive choices for you and your kids!

The Lock & Lock Double Zip lunch box set in blue and tan is great. It keeps food cold longer with a thermal foil liner, even on the hottest of days. Plus, it’s easy to clean and comes with three storage containers; two come with snap on lids, and one has a twist lid for liquids.

For kids, we have fun lunch box kits just for them! There is the Lego Chima lunch box, featuring a 3D image on the front of it. If your kids adore Lego, they’re going to adore it! Meanwhile, you’ll appreciate that it’s fully insulated, so their food stays safely cool within it while they’re in class.

For the Star Wars fan, regardless of your age, this insulated toteis a hit! With a Clone Trooper on the front, it’s super cool in design and the temperature inside of it is chillin’ too. Never worry about soggy sandwiches or warm juice again.

Browse our full selection of insulated lunch boxes that keep food chilled and healthy. You’ll beat the heat whenever it’s meal time! 

Christmas in July: Let’s Get Festive!

 Kids Christmas Hats

Who says that Christmas celebrations only have to be in December? We think mid-year festive parties are a lot of fun, especially when you add in accessories that ramp up the good times to a whole new level!

Get into the Christmas in July party spirit by putting on Santa hats, and don’t forget to get a few for the kids too! The youngsters will love the idea of having a summertime Xmas event full of laughter and good-natured fun.  

When it comes to activities to do with family and friends at the bash, we’ve got you covered there. Our quality chocolate candy molds put you into the role of the chocolatier, and we’ve got fun shapes like turtle lollipopsto make the homemade sweet treats. For the younger kids, there’s Grab & Go coloring book packs that include crayons and stickers, in themes such as Winter Wonderlandand SpongeBob Let’s Be Jolly. Puzzles are always a hit at parties too, in shapes of snowmen, Santa, and gingerbread men!

Another great part of Christmas in July is that you can shop for gifts before the annual holiday rush starts. Enjoy better selection now versus later and avoid stressing over what to get your loved ones at the last minute in December.

Why wait until the winter seasonto get their Xmas presents? Start shopping now to beat the crowds. And, yes, Santa would approve this message!

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Maximize Summer Fun with These Products!

Summer is the season of good times! It’s the perfect time of the year to get outdoors, whether you lounge at the beach, grill up tasty treats on the BBQ or head to the water for a refreshing swim. Just be sure to bring along these fun accessories to take your summer fun to the max!

For the water lovin’ kid, we have kickboards featuring their favorite characters, including Spiderman, Disney Princess, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cowabunga! The soft foam kickboards are the perfect swim equipment for your junior swimmers in training! Help keep their skin protected from the sun’s rays with SPF 35 Bull Frog Kids Suntan Lotion.

Other brand-new beach and pool accessories that are must-have for this summer include swim gogglesand snorkel masks for all ages. Whether you’re a serious swimmer or just want to make a splash this summer, you’ll find everything you need at Sharon’s Deals.

As well, choose from a wide selection of sunglasses, including leading brands Nine West, Carrera, and Nicole Miller. Pair your shades with visor clips for useful, safe storage when you’re on the go. Slip a new pair of fashionable Crocs or sandals on your feet too as you head out to a BBQ or picnic once you’re done with the water activities.
Summer is a go, and your entirefamily will enjoy it to the fullest when you pack these exciting items with you!

Food Frenzy In-House!

Food Pillows

Satisfy your appetite for fun décor, without consuming a single calorie, with our plush food throw pillows! The pillows look realistic in colorful designs that include popcorn, pizza, hamburgers, French fries, cupcakes, tacos, donuts with pink icing sprinkles, and 2-flavored ice cream cones.

Toss the soft, comfortable pillows on the side of a couch, in a child’s bedroom or a play area. The amusing designs liven up any space in the home. They look good enough to eat – almost!

These sweet (or savory) pillows make great gifts for birthdays or Christmas, for kids or grandchildren. Why not give the donut pillow to your police officer friend who likes to hang out at the local donut shop? Or give the French fries pillow to your friend who always goes through the drive-thru after a night out on the town.

The high-quality pillows come in two sizes, for your convenience. The large pillows are 15” while the small ones are about 12”. The large versions sell individually, and the small ones sell in quantities of two.

Give our unique, smile-worthy plush food pillows to family, friends or coworkers for the next celebratory occasion. They are affordable, cozy, and so much fun!