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Sovereign's Chain Card Game WizKids Robert Judecek 2-4 Players Ages 14+ Teenager

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Sovereign's Chain

Card Game

Gibraltar Station, a fringe outpost in the Void Horizon, is where free-port merchants and mercenaries play Sovereign's Chain, a card game that matches strategy, skill, and a bit of rogue luck for its players and punters.

Sovereign's Chain is so named by the class cards that are played in front of players, forming chains. Cards can be played into your own chain or those of your opponents.

While most cards are played face-up, which allows the activation of their ability, some can be played face-down to be activated later.

Class cards come in two suits, and to win, you have to have the highest difference in points between these two suits when someone's chain reaches seven cards.

To add a wrinkle to the game, a small deck of Event cards change up the rules.

2-4 Players

Ages 14+

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