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About Us

Gary & Sharon with FUNsational Finds

Sharon left the corporate world in 2007 and started selling part time on Ebay. Gary & Sharon were living in Indiana and raising two teenage sons.

In May of 2014, both children went out of state to college. They decided to move to the Columbus, Ohio area to be closer to family. They were able to find the perfect warehouse with room to grow. A house came as a bonus. Gary left his corporate job of 25 years, so that he and Sharon could both work full time in ecommerce.

In June 2015, they rebranded as FUNsational Finds. The focus of products now is clearly on “fun”. They adopted the slogan “Fun Intended”, not only because it is a play on words for the phrase “Pun Intended” but also to let their customers know that when they shop with FUNsational Finds, they should also intend on having fun.



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