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Pickle Themed (I’m kind of a Big Dill) Minimalist Wallet for Men & Women

  • $ 800

  • Minimalist Wallet for Men & Women. Minimal without limits. The Expandable Wallet can hold over 100 dollar bills and securely holds over 20 cards without losing shape!
  • SLIM PROFILE holds as little as 1 credit card or a single dollar bill. EXPANDS AND CONTRACTS to whatever you carry, similar to money bands.
  • Pickle Theme makes a great gift for someone that loves pickles or thinks they are a "Big Dill". Great novelty gift or stocking stuffer too!
  • Front side has an image of a smiling pickle with a Thumb's Up. The background color is light green. The back of the wallet says "I'm Kind Of A Big Dill".
  • The black loop at the top can be used to hold easily in you hand putting a finger or 2 through the opening. Also can use the loop to connect to a lanyard to easily hold or wear around your neck.
  • Measures 3.4" x 1.9" x 0.19" thick.

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