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ZMan Pandemic Hot Zone North America Short Portable Game Disease Outbreak Gift

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Pandemic Hot Zone North America Game

  • A shorter, more portable version of the bestselling cooperative board game Pandemic. Work together to discover cures for 3 diseases and win the game as a team!
  • Take the role of one of 4 experts and use your unique abilities as a Medic, Dispatcher, Researcher, or Generalist to support your team’s strategy and get closer to each cure
  • Travel from city to city treating local populations, preventing outbreaks, and sharing research while you work to contain the spread.
  • Powerful Event cards can buy your team more time against the game, while adding Crisis cards during setup will increase the overall difficulty level.
  • Collect City cards of the same color to discover a cure for each disease. When you discover all 3 cures, you win the game!
  • A new streamlined look, quick 30-minute play time, and endless card combinations mean infinite replayability in a smaller box.
2-4 players, Ages 8+

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