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There's Caffeine in my Decaf !

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caffeine in my decaf - coffee fun box - funsational finds

If you're one of those people that love coffee, but don't want the caffeine - SURPRISE!, there's caffeine in your decaf!

Yes there is much less, about 10% of the caffeine as a normal cup of coffee, so you are getting less caffeine but not 0%.

Now some decaf coffees have less caffeine than others, so if you really want to decrease or eliminate caffeine completely, while not giving up your daily Joe, then you need to do your research. Caffeine content varies from brand to brand and bean to bean, along with the "decaf" processing methods.

One thing I found out in my research, but didn't know, was that decaf coffee goes stale much faster than regular - caffeinated - coffee. So if you are going to drink decaf coffee - drink it before it goes bad.

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