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Pepper Jelly Mini BBQ Trio Pack - Mango Madness Jelly, Raspberry Habanero Jelly, Double Dare Jelly

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  • Bundle Includes: 3 oz Mango Madness Jelly, 3 oz Raspberry Habanero Jelly, 3 oz Double Dare Jelly.
  • This is a great gift for yourself or close friends or family. If they love pepper jellies, this is the gift for them.
  • MANGO MADNESS: Mild Heat. Tame enough for even the wimpiest of palates! This jelly is excellent mixed with cream cheese and spread over crackers, or glaze for chicken, pork or fish.
  • RASPBERRY HABANERO: Medium Heat. Often used as a glaze for fish, chicken or pork. Mix with olive oil & balsamic vinegar for one of the tastiest dressings ever.
  • DOUBLE DARE: Hot Heat. Slow raging heat with enough flavor to warm you soul. Make a fiery wing recipe. Start slowly and use wisely. Just when you least expect it, it comes back to bite you. Blend of Habanero, bell and mango peppers.
  • Farm to Jar Pepper Jelly. Made in Portland, Oregon.

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