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Pepper Jelly Mini Triple Threat Trio Pack - Sneaky Ghost Jelly, Scorpion Sting Jelly, Grimm Reaper Jelly

  • $ 2199

  • Bundle Includes: 3 oz Sneaky Ghost Jelly, 3 oz Scorpion Sting Jelly, 3 oz Grimm Reaper Jelly.
  • This is a great gift for yourself or close friends or family. If they love hot pepper jellies, this is the gift for them.
  • SNEAKY GHOST: Hot Heat. Ghost Chili Peppers are used in this jelly. Rose City threw everything they had into this jelly and it will blow your mind! Use for a pizza sauce base, or mix with your favorite beer to marinate ribs, chicken or shrimp.
  • SCORPION STING: Hot Heat. Scorpion Peppers have a sweet heat. Be careful not to get stung by this one. Fantastic for wings or baby back ribs. Mix with sour cream for a dip. For the daring, you can even slather on your sandwich or hamburger!
  • GRIMM REAPER: Hot Heat. Hottest pepper jelly in the Rose City line. Sweet and powerful heat dances across your tongue with the Caroline Reaper pepper. Use as a glaze on chicken, beef or pork. Enhance your chili or create some tasty hot wings. Warning HOT!
  • Farm to Jar Pepper Jelly. Made in Portland, Oregon.

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