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Star Wars Day: May The Fourth Be With You!

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This coming Wednesday is May the Fourth. Sound just like any old ordinary day right? It's not May 5th, commonly known as Cinco de Mayo, but May the 4th.

Haven't figured it out yet? Well maybe you are not a big fan of Star Wars.

If you say "May the Fourth be with you" slowly, it sounds eerily familiar for many Star Wars fans. The phrase made famous by the Star Wars movies is "May the Force be with you". Since "May the Fourth" and "May the Force" sound so similar, May 4th has been chosen by many fans to honor and celebrate everything Star Wars.

Some die hard fans even dress up like their favorite Star Wars characters or celebrate by eating food named after Star Wars figures or made to look like the Millennium Falcon.

What are you going to do for Star Wars day this year?

Life Magazine Star Wars May The Fourth Be With You

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